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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Who to contact /report to relating illegal logging?

If there is illegal logging happened you can directly contact JPSM hotline at 1-800-88-5776 or call Johor State Forestry Department at 07-266 7433.


2. How to get the information about the mangrove?

The information related to mangrove can be accessed at the mangrove's website at


3. What is Silvilculture?

Silviculture can be defined as the art and science of the development and maintaining the forests stand based on the silvics knowledge applications. It is the theoretical and practical exercise of controlling the composition, structural and growth of the forests.


4. Types of silvilculture treatments in Forests Management System in Peninsular Malaysia?

 - Forests Inventory After Harvested (Post-F);

 - Cutting Lianas (CL); and

 - Enrichment Planting

5. Definition of Enrichment Planting

Planting in an area with native species or commercial species to enrich the area and such remedial action may not affect the residual stands.

6. National Park

“National Park” means a National Park established under section 3 National Parks Act 1980 for preservation and protection of wild life, plant life and objects of geological, archaeological, historical and ethnological and other scientific and scenic interest and through their conservation and utilization to promote the education, health, aesthetic values and recreation of the people. .

7. Amenity Forest

Amenity Forest is an area located within the permanent reserve forests gazetted under the National Forestry Act 1984 Section 10 (1) (i) used for recreational purposes such as relaxation, sports, research and education, and preserving the flora and fauna.

8. How can i send my feedback to Johor State Forestry Department?

Please click and fill the Feedback Form which can be found at the top of every page. You can also contact: -
Tel: 07-266 7433
Fax: 07-266 1288 or
Email: webjpnjohor[at]forestry[dot]gov[dot]my

ATTENTION: If you have any question that is not stated in this FAQ, you may contact the hotline number at 1-800-88-5776 or email to us at webjpnjohor[at]forestry[dot]gov[dot]my

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